Your Wellness Experience


How to Spa

Practice Mindful Silence

Our wellness center is a healing environment of tranquility and relaxation, so please respect yourself and others’ right to peace and quiet. Kindly turn off your cell phone. Keep conversation to a minimum. Come to the present and be mindful that this is our time to relax and renew in this sacred healing space.

Spa Courtesy

To ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits of your experience here at Hudavi, please arrive ten to fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Arriving late will shorten your treatment, cheating you of your precious minutes of relaxation. If you do arrive late, your appointment will be charged full price and end on time in order to ensure the next appointment isn’t delayed.

What to Wear

For Thai Massage and Reflexology treatments, it is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing and slippers. During other spa treatments, our practitioners are trained to drape you discreetly while being mindful of protecting your privacy, so clothing is optional under the sheet for massage and skin care treatments. Of course, you may wear undergarments if that allows for a more comfortable experience.

Before you Wax

Allow 3-4 weeks between waxing treatments or until hair is at least a quarter of an inch long. This is required for bikini, legs and underarms. For bikini waxes, including Brazilian, hair longer than an inch should be trimmed so that waxing is more comfortable. Female clients may experience heightened sensitivity to waxing during or just prior to their menstrual cycle.

Medical Conditions & Allergies

When booking an appointment, please notify our Spa Coordinators about any physical or medical conditions including allergies to allow us to further personalize your treatment if possible. Special conditions such as pregnancy, heart conditions or physical injuries should be mentioned.


It is very common and beneficial for new moms to visit our spa for treatments during their pregnancy. For your safety, we ask that you please wait until you are at least 13 weeks into your pregnancy before receiving any full body massages. Thai Massage and Deep Tissue massage should be avoided due to the deep pressure. Please notify our Spa Coordinators of the great news to ensure that you have the ideally customized experience at Hudavi. As always, please consult your doctor for any other questions or concerns.


Acupuncture is a branch of ancient Chinese medicine that treats many conditions including diseases, drug or alcohol addiction and sinus problems by stimulation of needles to directly manipulate a network along 12 major pathways or energetic meridians, connecting specific internal organs with energetic points on the network. Acupuncture regulates, or disperses Ki (also referred to as Chee, Chi, Ki, Qi and Qui), the vital life energy that animates all living organisms and results in a correcting and rebalancing of Ki to relieve pain and restore health.

Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicine is a broad term for Oriental, Indian, Tibetan, Japanese, and Chinese medicine, all of which share philosophies about the energy system of the human body and the necessity of balance and harmony. Practitioners are trained to use a variety of ancient and modern techniques for diagnosis and treatments.

Herbal Therapy or Botanical Therapy

Herbal/Botanical therapy employs parts of plants (seeds, stem, flowers, root, bark, leaf) for the relief of conditions, ailments, or complaints: the earliest known form of medicine that is still widely used today, Herbal/Botanical therapy.

Spa Parties & Special Events

Hudavi has hosted many successful parties, showers and birthdays. Our 3900 square foot facility can accommodate as many as twelve clients at once, making it the ideal place to host your special event.  Inquire for more information by emailing us.