Raving Fans


Raving Fans

Some of our customers share their experience at Hudavi Wellness…

“I first went to Dr. Preston ND in February. Since then I have been back for a couple follow ups. She really listens and takes everything into consideration. Makes you feel comfortable and never pushes a system on you. If anything, will empower you to take over one’s own health.

Also, the “waiting room” is more of a Relaxation Room. It’s so soothing and relaxing I’ve actually gone early before my appointment to take a nap.

In addition the staff is very kind as well. They’re very welcoming and give you your space. They’re also very helpful. Actually, once I had a date to attend after my appointment and my cell died. They were kind enough to help me not only look up directions to the location but also contact my date.

I have not used any of the other services but I yet to see their chiropractor.  I really need am alignment.” – Elizabeth R.

“The estheticians and massage therapists are top notch and I’ve never once been dissatisfied with any treatment received at Hudavi. I have been a longtime patron of Hudavi Wellness and everyone I’ve recommended to this place has been extremely satisfied as well. It has such a wonderful, relaxing ambiance.” – Janet H.

“After having back surgery last year at age 41 (L4, L5/S1 discectomy) and spending several months per doctor’s orders “Taking it easy”, I was very fearful of starting any type of physical training/exercise program. Something to keep in mind- I was doing crossfit/ semi private intense workouts with another location (gym in LB) that was a precursor to my back injury and 9-10 months of unbearable pain. I knew that after 9 months of post-surgery “taking it easy” it was time for me to start getting active again and to work on strengthening my core and lose some weight. However, it was imperative for me to find a unique trainer that would be knowledgeable in how to specifically work with and train someone that had recuperated from a back surgery (a major life changer that created a lot of fears).

I had been going to Hudavi Wellness for a couple of years for other services. Love this place! In May, I picked up some information about Kim Arnold’s personal training approach and knowledge of posterior strength training and deep muscle therapy. This was my answer. I began working with her in May. I love my combo training sessions with her of customized strength training (which includes posterior strength training) and deep muscle therapy within an hour. She is very knowledgeable about how the body works and moves and how to regain core strength to avoid future injuries. I love the PMT (Percussive Manipulation Therapy) which feels amazing. It’s like a targeted deep muscle massage with this special device that targets key muscles increasing circulation, relieving soreness and has helped to break down some of my scar tissue in my lower back. PMT has also helped with my flexibility.

It’s been 3 months of working with Kim and I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident. Kim has taught me how to understand the way I should be moving/exercising in daily life to avoid any future injuries! I feel so much better and greatly appreciate all the knowledgeable instruction and customized strengthening routines that she creates for me. If you’re a former athlete, someone who has had a major surgical set back in your life or if you simply want to “train smart”, call Kim Arnold. She is the real deal. Thank you Kim!” – Laura D.

“Jimmy is the ‘MAN!’ He is the greatest. I’ve been getting Reflexology treatments since the 70’s. I’ve been to numerous massage therapists and without a doubt he is excellent. one would be hard pressed to find anyone better than Jimmy.” – Karen D.

“It was amazing! Sama is highly skilled and it exceeded my expectations. I look forward to booking another appointment soon. Special thanks to Karina for always taking care of me too. I appreciative her attentiveness.” – Carina C.

“I’ve had a great experience with your spa; the receptionist is informative and did a great job steering me towards to right package. I’ve been in for a few massages and always had a wonderful experience. Most recently I signed up for a facial package to help prepare for my wedding day, not only was she extremely helpful but I felt comfortable and not judged (something I was worried about).

My biggest compliment is that I’ve never felt like anyone was trying to up-sell me or trick me into getting services I didn’t want or need. This made the experience so much more relaxing and it is highly appreciated.” – Lauren B.

“We enjoy our couple massages and the staff is always pleasant and professional. Thank you!” – Julie H.

“The rooms are so relaxing and clean, and the bed was warm. I requested an extension on my massage and my therapist checked to make sure there were not other appointments and extended my time. This was one of the best massages I have ever had and I have recommended your facility to my friends. You are all very professional and your facilities are relaxing and clean.” – Sasha F.

“This was the BEST massage I have ever had, bar none. I came in stressed out, with pain in my neck and shoulders and when I left — for the first time in years — the pain was gone. I could not believe it, but it was. Thanks Hudavi!” – Laurel B.

“The whole experience of Hudavi from the moment you enter is geared towards relaxation and letting go of the outside world. It is always a wonderful experience.” – Leslie J.

“Hudavi is a very CLEAN – soothing – comfortable place, that I truly enjoy.” – Jackie H.

“Hudavi is an oasis for me! I look forward to trying other services such as chiropractic and acupuncture. Wish I had time to enjoy more often!” – Laura H.

“The best facials ever! I always receive compliments following Hudavi treatments. It is worth every dime!” – Catherine B.

“Everyone at Hudavi is very welcoming and courteous. You can tell they care about you. I’m consistently treated with respect by being asked how the pressure is, even though the therapists know what I like. I think this says a lot about their interest in my well-being. Overall, it’s a great place to spend your money. Another shout out to the front desk/management who always accommodate my last minute appointments (within 1-2 hours). Thanks guys!” –Sandy O.

“I have been a loyal customer and fan for years, staff is wonderful and amazing!!” – Inez C.

“Hudavi is such a relaxing haven, it’s hard not to come back! I thoroughly enjoy my massage every visit. My therapist was so attentive and so professional, I feel great after my massage.” – Helen F.