Personal Training and Percussion

Personal Trainer Kim Arnold

Kim is a certified fitness expert and has been practicing since 2007. Kim has been performing Percussion since 2013 and has found that when it is combined with Posterior Chain Training it is superior in providing relief from repetitive-strain injuries as well as sports- or work-related injuries or strains. Kim’s desire is to provide clients with a proactive approach to muscular and posterior chain (upper and lower back) strengthening, allowing clients to move forward in their lives more easily and confidently. To learn more about the DMS® Machine that Kim uses in her Percussion click here

Complimentary Consultation

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Fitness Training

Kim’s top priority in her fitness training is making sure that proper form is used 100% of the time while customizing a fitness routine to fit each guest and their needs.  Each guest starts by learning the correct way to perform each exercise with each session growing a little more challenging as the guests’ fitness level progresses.

A session may include:

  • Endurance Training
  • Weight Training
  • Balance/Coordination
  • Cardio
  • And more
  • Single Personal Training Session – $75(60 minutes)
  • Buddy Training (two people at a time) – $50 each(60 minutes)
  • Series of 5 Personal Training Sessions – $330($66/session)
  • Series of 10 Personal Training Sessions – $637.50($63.75/session)

Percussion & Posterior Chain Training

Percussion: Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Formerly known as Deep Muscle Therapy (DMT), this service provides relief from repetitive-strain injuries as well as sport or work related injuries through loosening tightened overworked muscles. The DMS machine generates 2200 RPMs of kinetic form percussion and concussion vibration targeting nerve receptors and causes the blood vessels to dilate, which facilitates blood flow. This treatment is performed fully clothed.

Here are some of the benefits of Percussion:

  • Opens muscle fibers deeper than exercising
  • Releases endorphins
  • Helps facilitate detox
  • Lets more oxygenated blood get into the muscles, resulting into faster healing
  • Helps with inflammation around joints caused by scar tissue, torn ligaments, or tight muscles
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces lactic acid buildup
  • 30 minutes – $50
  • 60 minutes – $75

Include DMT in your Detox Day Package

  • 15 minutes – $15
  • 30 minutes – $25

Posterior Chain Training

A Strong Posterior Chain Makes a Strong Individual

Improved posterior strength helps performance and overall health!

Lower back pain and poor performance can be caused by:

  • Shortened hip flexors
  • Lack of core stability
  • Poor posterior chain strength
  • Using muscles incorrectly

In tandem with the relief provided by percussion, posterior chain training teaches guests how their bodies work and shows them correct form- whether they sit at a desk or work out at a gym. It empowers them to strengthen their core and, more importantly, consciously use their posterior chain, thereby reducing repetitive-strain injuries, which cause a host of physical complaints.  It allows them to move with greater confidence and ease.

Percussion + Posterior Chain Training Combination

  • 60 minutes – $80