Colon Hydrotherapy


Initial visit/consultation $90

Single session $80


3 sessions $225  (save $15 @ $75 ea.)

6 sessions $420 (save $50 @ $75 ea.)

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8 Day Cleansing Program with Liver & Gallbladder Flush

Experience amazing results with this 8-day cleansing and renewal program.  Many who have participated in this program have noticed healthier and clearer skin, more energy, significant reduction in joint pain, no more snoring, no more sleeping pills, more regular bowel movements, no more constipation and dramatic changes in relationship to food.

The program includes:

  • Initial consultation & personal support throughout the cleanse
  • Thorough cleanse
  • Vitratox Colon Cleansing Products (9 products)
  • 8 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions (1 per day of the cleanse)
  • Education on ways to have good colon health


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Lymphatic Treatment

Lymphatic Therapy (L.E.T.) is a non- invasive, gentle detoxification therapy used to improve lymphatic integrity and restore lymphatic flow and function. Using glass Pyrex bulbs that emit low-energy, vibrational frequencies, L.E.T encourages toxins, excess fluid, cellular waste and proteins accumulated between the cells to safely exit through the body’s natural elimination channels. This is an excellent treatment after any type of surgery.  When combined with proper nutrition, diet and moderate exercise, L.E.T. Increases an overall feeling of well- being and can help restore your lymphatic system to optimal health within a few sessions.

30 minute $75.00

60 minute $125.00

90minute $179.00

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Colon Hydrotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What Is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is the gradual and gentle introduction of filtered water into the colon. We use the closed system, FDA registered HYDRO-SAN equipment, ultraviolet and oxygenated filtered water.

Why should I use colon hydrotherapy?

The colon’s main function is the elimination of body waste. We experience health when the colon is clear and normal.

What can be expected from a colonic?

Many clients have reported: more energy; a feeling of ease; clearer skin and eyes; a mental clearing of sharpness or ability to focus more easily; increased elimination through kidney, skin and bowel;  relief from gas and bloating; and a toned, better working bowel, which as a result, upgrades our general feeling of good health.

What is a colonic session like?

First and foremost, our clients’ modesty and dignity are maintained at all times. During a session, most clothing can be kept on, and the client is draped or may wear a gown. Our rooms are completely private and clean. The therapist begins by massaging the abdominal area to encourage the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release waste. The slow inflow of warm, filtered water through sterile disposable tubing begins. Then, through the client’s breathing, the waste is released through the tubing without smell or mess. This process is repeated several times without discomfort.

How many colonic sessions does one need?

Of course, how many one needs depends upon the individual, and every individual is different. The colon therapist will be able to assess what is suited for one’s needs during the initial visit, which is the consultation.

Colon Hydrotherapy Preparation

Our clients have found that optimal results are achieved when following a particular dietary regime prior to their appointment.

The day before and the day of Colon Hydrotherapy:


  • Legumes, including hummus, lentils, or other beans and nuts. Carbonated beverages, including soda or mineral water. Gaseous foods, including eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. Fried or oily foods, including fried chicken and Chinese stir fry. Alcoholic drinks, meat, cheeses, and white flour products.


  • Steamed vegetables and brown rice. Raw salads and fruit. Soups; including miso, chicken, and vegetable.
  • It is important to increase water (8 – 10oz. glasses) the day before. Consume less the day of the appointment. DO NOT EAT TWO HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  • If possible, it is suggested to schedule a reflexology or massage appointment the day before or the day of the colonic appointment to aid the body in relaxation and help with the release of toxins during the colonic appointment.

These instructions will ensure a great colonic experience!

If you would like further information, please call (562) 433-2177 to speak with one of our Spa Coordinators.